this is vootzy

the circular furniture pick-up service

We are a service-oriented, sustainable furniture pick up service with a green heart. But vootzy does more than just pick up your used furniture. We also want to be a meeting place for people who feel at home in a circular economy and people looking for used furniture.

For this reason you only pay a fee for the collection of furniture at vootzy and the furniture that we pass on is free of charge. Of course, as part of our community, you can also choose furniture yourself on our organized Open Days, four times a year. In this way we offer an alternative to leave high-quality furniture on the street or just leaving it like trash.

And because good service is very important, we pick up furniture in every type of home! It doesn't matter to us whether you live in a terraced house, bungalow, flat or castle or whether your furnitures are on the 1st, 2nd, 3th or 16th floor and whether you have an elevator or none. We do come to help you out!

And if there are collected furniture that is not suitable for a second life, no problem. Then they are recycled responsibly by us. This is how we build a greener society together with you.

together to a
circular economy