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Click on the icon of the piece of furniture you want to have picked up, then you can also give it up
the numbers of furniture to pick up. The prices always include disassembly.
If you want to have a sofa picked up, choose the icon with the shape of the sofa, the type or number of seats does not matter.
If you want to have a cupboard picked up, choose the icon that corresponds to the dimensions of your cupboard, the type of your cupboard does not matter.
If you want to have a bed picked up, choose the 1 or 2 person bed icon, the type of bed does not matter.
If you want to have an armchair picked up, choose the icon, the type does not matter.
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Describe which 'miscellaneous' you would like to have collected.

If we have questions about your 'miscellaneous' objects, we will contact you.

Will you also pick up my furniture?

Are you unsure whether your furniture is included? Then check the list to see if it exists. Do you still need help afterwards? You are welcome to contact us.

  • box springs, including mattress and topper
  • 1 person bed, including slatted base and mattress
  • 2 person bed including slatted base and mattress
  • headboard will be calculated via 'miscellaneous' at € 50,-
  • loft beds including slatted base and mattress
  • bunk beds including slatted frame and mattress (is calculated as 2 persons)
  • beds with drawers including slatted base and mattress
  • daybed including mattress
  • sofa beds, including mattress
  • french beds, including slatted base and mattress (is calculated as 2 persons)
  • four-poster bed. including slatted base, mattress
    Choose the icon for a single or double bed, it doesn't matter the type of bed.
  • bookshelves
  • buffet cabinets
  • computer furniture
  • sideboard
  • wardrobes
  • dressers
  • lockers
  • roller shutter cabinets
  • filing cabinets
  • shoe cabinets
  • secretaries
  • shelving Units
  • TV cabinets
  • showcases
  • wall furniture

Take your measurements and click on the closet icon that matches the measurements you took

  • mormal straight sofa
  • L sofa
  • corner couch
  • U sofa
  • chaise longues
  • sofas
  • sofa beds
  • ottoman hockers
  • garden benches and sofas
    Choose the icon with the shape of the sofa, it doesn't matter what type, size or number of seats you have.
  • dining table
  • coffee table
  • garden tables
  • outdoor tables
  • desks
  • dressing tables
  • Bar tables
  • side tables

Just choose the icon that matches your table in dimensions.

  • refrigerator
  • freezers
  • tumble dryer
  • washing machine
  • gas stoves
  • office chairs
  • bar stools
  • tube chairs
  • dining room chairs without armrests
  • dining room chairs with armrests
  • ergonomic seat
  • canteen chair
  • office chairs
  • kitchen chairs
  • stools
  • bucket seats
  • folding chairs
  • sun loungers
  • piano stool/chair
  • restaurant chairs
  • school chairs
  • cantilever chair
  • beach chair
  • bar chairs
  • garden chairs
    Choose the chairs icon, the set, but the type doesn't matter.
  • custom seat
  • armchair
  • relax armchair
  • electric relax fauteuil / chair
  • massage chair
  • barber chair
  • swivel armchair
  • rocking chair
  • bean bags
    Choose the Armchair icon, the type doesn't matter.
  • bicycles
  • headboard
  • exercise bike
  • microwave
  • persian carpets
  • walker
  • mobility scooter
  • tablecloths
  • rugs
  • moving boxes per 3 pieces

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step 2: Collecting date

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step 3: Address

type of house
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Do we collect the furniture in an apartment building or house?
Please choose the type of house
Floor must be filled in. Enter a 2 for the 2nd floor. Do you live on the ground floor? Then enter a 0.
vinkje Is there an elevator?
Make a choice whether there is an elevator and whether everything fits in it

step 4: Check

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