this is how vootzy works

arranged in four steps

tell us what we can pick up

Calculate your pick-up price yourself or send us a message via WhatsApp.

Your pick-up price

pass on the most important information to vootzy

Where can we pick up the furniture? On which floor is the furniture located? Are there any further details? For example, is there an elevator and is it possible and easy to park? We will ask you these kinds of questions. After all good preparation is essential.

receive your price and time

You will then receive a confirmation of the pick-up price as soon as possible. Do you agree? Then we make an appointment and pick up your furniture!

we arrive!

In the early morning of the collecting day we will give a message about the estimated time that we will arrive. From then you only have to open the door for our Vootzy-men. We will carefully load the furniture of your request and leave again in no time, then we are vootzy.

what's next?
while you put your new sofa in place, we give your used items a second life. Nice to know is it?

If you choose vootzy, you choose a furniture pick-up service with a sustainable heart. Instead of throwing away furniture, we prefer to give it away. This way your furniture gets a nice repurposing with vootzy supporters, private individuals or for charity.